Früher war mehr Getwitter.
The python

In 1968 John Cleese, the well known member of Monty Python, did a tv show called How to irritate people. There’s no need to say that he is a specialist, when it comes to combining the irritation of people with humour.
In 2008 Monty Python appeared in the internet personally for, well I don’t really know what for. But they are there. And they irritate and amuse as if nothing had happened in the last 40 years. How interesting to see there still so much room for them to act like that. John Cleese seems to be the most active one of them, having an own blog and an own twitter account.

And there he says things like this:


‘Ha!’ means you know something. Something of interest. Something of importance? Something we need to know? Definitely something he’s hiding from his followers.

You see how easy it is to irritate people: Just hide some information from someone and show within a short utterance that there is some kind of information he might be interested in. That he could eventually be in need of. Even if he doesn’t have a tiny clue what that kind of information that could be.

John keeps that information for about 7 hours. And 7 hours in twitter are a lifetime. You can drive with your car from London to Paris in 7 hours.

Finally he comes back and…

enjoys keeping his secret.

You think I just made that up? Have a look:



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