Gute Nacht da draußen, wo immer ihr auch seid.
The lord and the ring

So, finally this year comes to an end and this is our last entry this year. And to present something special we’ve got two premieres today. Today’s tweet is not a tweet but a dent and it’s from a frechman. You will find out the significance of the latter soon. We took a dent, that is an entry from, because TMI do come up there nowadays as well. So for us the content is important, not the name of the entry.

It’s not a too easy task for guys to pleasure girls. As a cool guy you’re supposed to know. It’s enough for girls to smile and wait. Guys get the pressure. Within a guest article I was thinking about those poor germans that are not well known to be good lovers. This is different with their french combatants.

A french lover seems to be a guy that knows how to treat girls right, when to talk and when to kiss. Kaysha is one of that kind, a guy that can make girls moan. See his open shirt, his body and the cross upon his chest. Body and soul seem to act in harmony.

But, uh, sometimes things slip away from his attention…


So welcome to the world of french lovers. A world that starts with the question: “What things do I miss today and could it be I accidentially left them in a girl’s vagina? And whose vagina?”

But it shouldn’t be much of a problem for a french lover to get things right. A phone call will do. “Hi! Do you remember me from last night? I’m missing my keys. Did you find something in your vagina this morning, that was not supposed to be there?”


Dezember 2008
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