The discovery

There’s a fun­ny thing about art: Some­ti­mes it’s hard to dis­tin­guish what is art and what is not. Some peop­le decla­re things to be art that are not made with an arti­fi­ci­al inten­ti­on.

That’s why some peop­le look at old stuff just in regard to their beau­ti­ness. This can be stran­ge to tho­se that defi­ne objects as art just if there’s a poten­ti­al­ly known, real­ly exis­tent artist and not just a tech­ni­cal­ly inte­rested arti­fi­cier.

But if you’re refe­ring to objects as aes­theti­cal just by the way you look at them, it’s some­ti­mes qui­te irri­ta­ting. And so things beco­me objects of arti­fi­ci­al ana­ly­sis that used to have a dif­fe­rent func­tion.

This seems to have hap­pend to Peter Arm­a­do as well:


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