The essence of women

Right about now I’m tal­king about Too much infor­ma­ti­on tweets for exact­ly one year. Some of them were curious, some extra­or­di­na­ry, some fun­ny and some irri­ta­ting. But in any case: It’s still a topic, so we go on with out tiny pro­ject.

This week’s tweet is a one we haven’t had befo­re. It’s becau­se it’s hard to tell what is the infor­ma­ti­on that is too much. And may­be there’s no such infor­ma­ti­on in rea­li­ty.

The topic in gene­ral is: The essence of women. That’s somehow the thing Bryn­ne is tal­king about in yesterday’s morning hours:


So for some the essence might be a kind of fee­ling after man an woman come toge­ther. For others it’s a bio­lo­gi­cal reas­su­rence of a spe­ci­fic func­tion of the fema­le body. The hor­ri­ble thing for guys is: It could be a third alter­na­ti­ve we just have no tiny clue of.

This lea­ves us in thin­king there’s too much infor­ma­ti­on in this tweet, alt­hough we don’t know what exact­ly or if there’s some­thing like that at all.

But we’reapproximate that myste­ry, girls, we reall­ly are…

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