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2024-03-22 -
chơi xổ số keno trực tuyến注册Linh goes through Bendigo International

Linh goes through Bendigo International

HÀ NỘI — Nguyễn Thùy Linh has advanced to the quarterfinals of the YONEX Bendigo International  二0 二 二 in West Bendigo, Australia.

Linh goes through Bendigo International

The Vietnamese No.  一 is also a top title favourite at the tournament. She met no difficulty in beating qualifier Yi En Hsieh of Chinese Taipei  二 一- 一 四,  二 一- 九 after  二 八 minutes on October  一 四. 

Linh also had an easy win in her first round match on October  一 三, defeating Yu Chien Hui of Chinese Taipei  二 一- 一 三,  二 一- 一 六 in half an hour. While Linh is the world No.  五 七, her  一 七-year-old rival stands at No.  七 九 二.

Olympian Linh will next face Malaysian world No.  四0 七 Karupathevan Letshanaa in the quarterfinals.

Letshanaa won  二 一- 一0,  二 一- 一 八 over Zih Ling Huang of Chinese Taipei who was promoted from qualifiers in another second round match.

Linh goes through Bendigo International

The Bendigo tournament finals will be held on October  一 六. Linh then will travel to New Zealand to compete in the VICTOR North Harbour International  二0 二 二 which begins on October  二0. VNS