The schemer

This week’s tweet is not much about fun. It’s in a way just a state­ment. IKEA paid a guy to stay in a room where he’s being filmed all day. This was post­ed in qui­et a few blogs already. And as Nils now turns out to be one of the top ger­man twit­ter users regard­ing count­ed fol­low­ers we had a short look at him.
You know, in the old days action artists did some­thing spe­cial. Some­times that was dis­turb­ing. And that kind of dis­tur­bance was the essence of their art.
The art of this guy is just to sit and wait. But not in the Sid­ney Young­blood man­ner. He’s just wait­ing in a room for the new IKEA cat­a­logue com­ing out in Sep­tem­ber and that’s all he does in August. And as the time runs out in August he tells us:

In the moment when he could real­ly do some­thing spe­cial, a thing he could have pre­pared him­self for the last cou­ple of weeks, he is not able to present it in a way that does not leave every­one bored behind: “I hope the post­man brings the new IKEA cat­alouge. I’m real­ly look­ing for­ward for try­ing out my new life.”
Boy, IKEA stuff is not for life. It’s for not spend­ing much mon­ey. If that is a top­per of your old life and the start­ing point of your new, we’ve real­ly got no clue how sim­ple you are.
If this project was just a lit­tle bit more intel­li­gent maybe you could see some irony in it. For sure there are some guys in twit­ter, that sit before their com­put­er the whole day. Seen that way this project could be a mir­ror to them. But how numb is it to say the solu­tion to that prob­lem was shop­ping?
This whole thing is an old idea with no new ele­ments and it deals only with min­i­mal­ism. A min­i­mal­ism that is sup­posed to be spe­cial due to not ful­fill­ing expec­ta­tions. Dear IKEA and Nils: We had none. And that’s going to be the essen­tial thing con­nect­ed to you.

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