The new event

Twit­ter is sim­ple, that’s why Twit­ter is good for exten­sions. One exten­sion of con­tent was the so called Fol­low­er Fri­day. Any Fri­day dozens of peo­ple do tweet who’s worth fol­low­ing in their eye. But there are 6 oth­er days that could be used like that.
One new try is SCW, Sex Con­fes­sion Wednes­day. Let’s have a look at last week’s out­come:
One thing about sex is doing it the right way.
It’s not to easy to com­bine those dif­fer­ent expe­ri­ences. It seems to work much bet­ter here:
For other’s there are atten­dand cir­cum­stances that make sex spe­cial:
And some­times you just want the applause:

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