Bookmarks on Januar 14th, 2018

  • Day 358 | What The Fuck Just Hap­pen­ed Today?
  • Washing­ton Mon­th­ly | How to Fix Facebook—Before It Fixes Us – “Thanks to the U.S. government’s laissez-faire approach to regu­la­ti­on, the inter­net plat­forms were able to pur­sue busi­ness stra­te­gies that would not have been allo­wed in pri­or deca­des. No one stop­ped them from using free pro­ducts to cen­tra­li­ze the inter­net and then replace its core func­tions. No one stop­ped them from sipho­n­ing off the pro­fits of con­tent crea­tors. No one stop­ped them from gathe­ring data on every aspect of every user’s inter­net life. No one stop­ped them from amas­sing mar­ket sha­re not seen sin­ce the days of Stan­dard Oil. No one stop­ped them from run­ning mas­si­ve soci­al and psy­cho­lo­gi­cal expe­ri­ments on their users. No one deman­ded that they poli­ce their plat­forms. It has been a sweet deal.”
  • Is The­re Some­thing Neu­ro­lo­gi­cal­ly Wrong With Donald Trump? – The Atlan­tic
  • Humans of New York – “My mother’s fri­ends say that I’m just like her. She died of bre­ast can­cer when I was two years old. (…) one year at Thanks­gi­ving, my aunt told me that my mother had left me a let­ter and a video. She got so angry when I told her I’d never got­ten it.”
  • Humans of New York – ““I’m pret­ty sure I’m a socio­path. (…) By the time I got to high school, I was a mons­ter. I only cared about being the best. I was a bul­ly. I’d argue just for the sake of arguing. I would des­troy any belief, just to be right. (…) I’m not sure I feel empa­thy. But I do always try to make the empa­thetic choice. It’s an intel­lec­tu­al thing for me. I’m intel­lec­tual­ly con­vin­ced of the need for empa­thy.

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